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  3. Basic Requirements for Obtaining a Certificate of Title
  4. Completing The Louisiana Application (VEH, 1799)
  5. Louisiana Motor Vehicle Fees
  6. What If I Don't Have A Title And I Want To Register A Vehicle That I Purchased And Cannot Locate The Person That Sold Me The Vehicle In Order To Obtain A Duplicate Title??

Completing The Louisiana Application (VEH, 1799)


Type of Plate: Enter type of plate ex: Auto, Truck, Commercial etc.

Dealer Code: Please insert dealer code in bold letters if applicable.

Vehicle Identification Number: Serial number of vehicle.

Make: Enter name of manufactured vehicle.

Louisiana License Plate Number: If applicable. (used vehicle)

Body: Enter appropriate body style. Ex. (PK, 4DR, 2DR, etc.)

Color: Enter appropriate basic color.

Year: Enter complete model year. (Example: 1997)

Mileage: Enter mileage reading on vehicle at time of sale. DO NOT SHOW TENTHS and do not estimate.

Driver's License: Enter owner's driver's license number.

Model/Weight: Model of vehicle or weight if a truck.

EIN Number: Enter corporations or company Employer's Identification Number (EIN).

Owner's Name: Enter first and last name of applicant. Middle initial if applicable.

Street: Enter physical address of applicant. A P.O. Box will not work unless it is a rural area.

Domicile Code: Taken from tax chart.

Indicate inside or outside of city limits.

City/Parish/State: Enter name of city, parish, state and zip code.

Check one (1) of the following boxes:
  • Lessee - Name of individual or company leasing vehicle and physical address
  • Mail To - Enter mailing address if different from physical address
  • Operator - Operator of vehicle if different from owner
  • Domicile - Physical location of vehicle if different then owner

Lessee/Mail-To/Operator/Domicile Name.

Lessee/Mail-To/Operator/Domicile Street Address.

Lessee/Mail-To/Operator/Domicile City/Parish/State.

License Plate Number of Trade: Enter license plate number of vehicle.

Vehicle Identification Number of Trade: Enter (VIN).

Lien Information: Enter name, street and/or post office box number and zip code of Lien Holder if applicable.

Amount: Not applicable.

Date: Date stamped by department.

Second Lien Information: If applicable.

New/Used/Date Acquired: Check appropriate box and enter purchase date.

Tax Date: Enter date of purchase.

State Fees: See chart.

Sales Tax: Enter Appropriate Sales Tax.

Penalty & Interest: Customer has 40 days from date of sale to register a vehicle without penalty or interest. After the 40 days, penalty is computed at 5% of the sales tax per month up to 5 months maximum. The interest is computed at 1.25% of the sales tax per month with no maximum.

Cost of Vehicle: Enter gross sale price.

Less Trade: Enter amount allowed for trade.

Rebate: Enter amount of rebate if applicable.

Tax Value: Enter net sales price. Gross cost of vehicle less trade-in and rebate.

Insurance Declaration: Check appropriate box and applicant's signature required declaring liability insurance.

Duplicate Title: Check appropriate box, signature of applicant must be witnessed and notarized. If there was a lien, a notarized affidavit of satisfaction from the lien holder is needed. If a POA is used to sign the application, a copy of the driver's license of the POA is needed.

Non-possession of Title by lien holder: Check appropriate box, registered owner's signature must be witnessed and notarized, signature of lien holder must be notarized.

Back Of Application (VEH 1799 "A" "B" "C" "D" "E" and "F")

Owners Signature: Required for section A, B, C, and D.

"A" Conversion: To convert from one type of plate to another.

"B" Transfer Of Plate: To transfer an existing plate to a different vehicle.

"C" Lost Or Stolen Plate: To replace a lost or stolen plate/sticker.

"D" Title Correction: To correct wrong information on a title (must be submitted along with original title).

"E" Farm Use Affidavit: To be used in order to obtain a farm plate.

"F" Bill Of Sale: May be used for individuals only.